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2009 March | kreativeKING - Interactive Developer
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' 09 March, 23 - 10:45 pm

AS3 Basic Preloader Class

I been thinking of ways to preload things in AS3 like you would in AS2. Meaning a simple drag and drop and it preloads. I unfortunately couldn’t come to a solution of just drag and drop. But I have gotten pretty damn close. Last night I started working on a Basic Preloader Class in which I can build more complex preloaders off of. Just like some of the classes in my VIdeoPlayer API, the Base Class gets replaced with BasicPreloader to give it its functionality.


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' 09 March, 22 - 2:10 am

Tutorial Published in Web Designer Magazine

Just would like to let everyone know to pick up the 155th issue of Web Designer Magazine. I have been published AGAIN!! What a great feeling to see your words in a publication. Anyway, I wrote a Papervision 3D tutorial for beginning PV3D users. It is an interactive 3D Menu. By the time you get through the complete tutorial, you will know most of the basic tools for creating 3D scenes in PV3D. This isn’t a tutorial on the Great White version of Papervision, This is on the newest release of PV3D which I recommend everyone get.

Here is a link to get your issue.

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' 09 March, 19 - 8:12 am

TweenLite Family and gTween Are Getting Married

My favorite Tweening engine is uniting with another popular engine, gTween. Just checked my email to hear the fascinating news. Jack Greensock and Grant Skinner, both renowned in the Flash community have decided to put there heads together and make a Powerhouse Tweening engine which should be better than both. I myself am looking forward to this union. I never had the chance to use gTween alone because I was so hooked on TweenLite, but I know the newest version borrowed some of gTweens features such as shortRotation. There is also a beta version out that can be found on Jack’s site.


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' 09 March, 17 - 6:31 am

New kreativeKING VideoPlayer API

I finally released the kreativeKING Videoplayer API. I’m sure you all remember the old VideoViewer and ProgressionBar classes. Well this new set of API does away with those and replaces with a plethora of new classes to make your video player creating processes much easier. Spend more time on design than on programming. Some of the 10+ classes released are VideoWindow ( Replacement of the VideoViewer Class ), VideoPanel ( ProgressionBar replacement) and the VideoControl Classes. These are the main 3 classes that you will be using to the video players logic. I will post later on a short tutorial on creating a video player using the API.


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' 09 March, 14 - 5:11 am

New AS3 Tutor

Woot!!!, just a really small post. You are reading this post from the new AS3 Tutor at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. I actually got the good news a couple days ago, but I would like to share it with the world =D.

In addition, if anyone needs any help with Actionscript 3.0 or needs a private tutor, don’t hesitate to drop me an email. In the next coming days I have some interesting things to post about ranging from new FlashDen products to new published articles. So be on the lookout for those, or you know what is even better?? Just subscribe and I’ll let you know. =D Happy Flashing people.