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2008 August | kreativeKING - Interactive Developer
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' 08 August, 28 - 11:24 pm

Simple Drawing App….Using Drawing API

Started school this week and so far, looks to be a fun semester. I have Multimedia Programming ( Actionscript 3 Class). Today we just went over basics and definitions like classes and properties, etc. While that was going on I tried to make a quick drawing app so I can paint a little bit. Its all using the drawing API which I learned mostly from Keith Peters book. Here is what I got in the hour.


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' 08 August, 25 - 11:45 pm

Papervision Practice - Transition Effect in 3D…

I’ve been messing around with the new Papervision the past couple days. It seems to still have a couple of bugs but overall is pretty good so far. There is also some extensive documentation now. I posted a couple of days ago a cool transition effect. I thought it would be good practice to port this over to 3D. It was fairly easy, had some hang ups with the materials, but after reading through them and looking up some tutorials, it was a piece of cake. Only problem i am having now is that I can’t seem to make it interactive. I followed what you are supposed to do but it’s not working for me. So to see the effect over again, You have to refresh.


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' 08 August, 22 - 6:47 am

New PaperVision 3D 2.0 Beta

I have been up all night messing around with Papervision. Not much to show yet as I find it very confusing. But I realized that a new Papervision is out. Released August 20, 2008. I recommend anyone using Papervision to get the updates classes as some things have changed and removed. Soooo pick it up people.

P.S. I’ll check the post later for grammar errors, I’m am currently in Zombie mode. ;-) .

Get the New PaperVision


People havee been asking if there is new documentation with this new update. The answer is yes and you can check it out at here

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' 08 August, 21 - 4:08 pm

Join a Flash Meetup

Last night I got the chance to attend my first Flash Meetup with the ActionScript Programming Pushes Us and it was GREAT. Everyone was very down to earth (Pompous know it all jerks really put a damper on things), the facility was great and the Organizer, Jesse Freeman, did a great job at sharing tips on work flow and different IDE’s

I would suggest anyone in the NYC area to sign up for the meetings. They are free, informative and have good finger food =). Last night we covered the Flex Builder IDE and FDT. Out of those two I would definitely go with FDT, but the price tag will scare you away faster than another four years of Bush. It’s going for a whopping $1000. Good thing for me I’m a PC user and I have FlashDevelop as a choice. I would say FlashDevelop could be an alternative to FDT if you don’t want to bite the bullet and pay that price. It lacks some features of FDT or FDT just does it better, but the price I believe is really holding this editor behind.


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' 08 August, 17 - 3:36 pm

Temporary Down Time - BACK UP UPDATE

Just finished upgrading to Wordpress 2.6 via automatic upgrade and it deleted my folders which held a lot of my images and downloads. So until I get back home, there will be files to download. Should have this fixed before the day is over. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Downloads are Back up

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' 08 August, 16 - 9:41 pm

New Class from Jack aka Mr GreenSock…

I just checked my email to find that Greensock has come out with a new class. The Custom Ease Class. Now this is a pretty powerful class. It allows you to create custom easing instead of using the default Back, Bounce, Elastic, etc.


Sometimes the standard easing equations(Elastic, Strong, etc.) don’t give
you quite what you want. This tool allows you to interactively draw a curve
for your own custom easing equation and it even writes the code for you.
Just copy and paste it into your application. The code it writes requires
the gs.easing.CustomEase class which is a membership benefit of Club